Impreza GDA – Beast Project on Rally “Bulgaria”
May 16, 2017
Happy New Year from
May 16, 2017


As we have a new project in, we decided to leave to its owner to get you to know his beauty Impreza GDA on his own . So here is the short interview which represents his idea of the project:

Hello, Vladi,

Hello, my name is Vladimir. I am 25 years old and I live in Sofia. I am a versatile personality. I like to do a lot of stuff, but I love the most to spend my time with my car as much and when I can.

1. What is your hobby and what you do in your free time?
My main hobby by that moment is SUBARU. In the rest of my time I am a semi-pro graphic designer. I love to draw, to sing, to make music even sometimes I am into literature stuff. At the times I feel more serious I like to research the financial markets.

2. Why did you choose SUBARU?
Subaru is my childish dream since the times when the TV was bigger than myself. My first impression of this car was just by that time when I saw some footage from rally races. In the time my dream grew bigger and now Subaru is the first car I had and I drove since I have my driving lisence. I am a proud owner of Subaru for one year and I may say Subaru is something more than just a car – it’ s a calling, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a passion, the car which has a soul and a character. As Jeremy Clarkson says: “ Life is too short to drive boring cars”

3. What is your project?
The target in the beginning was to fix some technical faults and to change some main elements. After I talked to Kalin Benchev in, I decided to make bigger the project. The result should be new turbocharger with precise electronic boost controller, custom air intake, upgrades of the fuel system, whole new suspension including coillovers and 6 speed STi transmission.

4. What results do you expect?
Fantastic! It won’t be the car I know for sure. As far as we talk about power- we expect around 350-380 hp after the remap of the car. The handling of the car should be better, so the corners will become more pleasant.

5. How and from where did you know about
I found the website while I was searching for a Cosworth air filter. After that I found facebook page and I followed them.

6. Are you satisfied with the consultation for your project in
As a person who stick to quality and appreciate the professionalism I can say that I couldn’t be more satisfied. For the two meetings that we made I learned a lot and interesting things about my car which I never knew before. All the information was presented to me in details and easy to understand. I liked the most the fact that we didn’t talk about only one project, but we discussed more options. I recommend hardly to every fan or owner of Subaru.

7. You love motorsport, just like us. What is your favorite discipline?
Definitely my favorite discipline is Rally, but I like Time Attack also.

8. What message you will leave for the fans of
Never give up your dreams! Is always better one to try instead of regretting never trying. You can manage everything with enough will and persistence.

We will get our fans to know all the news about this projects and, of course, the final results. Good luck to Vladi and the team of!
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